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Power Station Demolition
Didcot, Oxfordshire

Coleman & Company undertake a variety of power station demolition projects with work at Didcot Power Station being one of our more recent assignments. We have been working with RWE NPower on Didcot Power Station since March 2012 in developing detailed proposals. Proposals which clearly set out how Coleman & Company would demolish Didcot A Power Station. Following detailed review of our proposals RWE NPower appointed Stage 1 of the main contract works. Stage 1 an Early Works Agreement which essentially allows the project team to explore risks associated with the project, enabling the evaluation of the risks. Which in turn are then incorporated into Stage 2 of the main contract works.

During Stage 1 we have been:
  • Assessing the quantity of credits present within the station to value the total credit present.
  • We have been carrying out asbestos surveying works where detailed thorough information has been collated which again is valued accordingly.
  • Given the huge scale of this power station demolition project there are many wide and varied Stakeholders who will be key to the success of the Stage 2 works. Our Stage 1 scope included the development and instigation of our Stakeholder Management Plan.
  • Detailed designs for various aspects of the project were carried out. These included explosive engineering, structural calculations and temporary works design.
  • Various aspects of site works were also carried out to include the management of transformer removal, site establishment, welfare and fencing.
  • All safe systems of work to include Method Statements, Risks Assessments, Traffic Management Plan etc, along with project control documentation was developed ready for project implementation.
The Early Works Agreement, (EWA), has been an extremely effective tool for the combined project team to use. The EWA allowed us all to evaluate and understand the project risks whilst then allowing these risks to be appropriately dealt with commercially and operationally.

To find out more about how Coleman & Company undertake the demolition of power stations, or to discuss the full range of our services, please contact our team today on +44 121 325 2424.

Didcot, Oxfordshire

Early Works Agreement, Develop Safe Systems of Work, Prepare Design for Main Works, Asbestos Surveying, Stakeholder Management, Scrap Surveying and Assessment, Transformer Removal, Fencing & Site Establishment.

RWE NPower

26 weeks

Management Team, Explosives Engineer, Structural Engineer, Asbestos Surveyors, Metalogist, Demolition Site Managers, Demolition Plant & Equipment, Fencing Contractor.

Didcot B Power Station
National Grid 400Kva Substation
Abundant Wildlife
Fauna and Flora